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Vertiv Liebert Intellislot Unity Platform Card Remote Network SNMP Adapter GXT3
Liebert IntelliSlot Unity Communications Interface Card provides Trellis LIFE Services and Liebert Nform enablement as well as Web access environmental sensor data and third-party customer protocols for Vert... 
Stontronics C60 Series 2000VA UPS C60-2000
Stontronics CRT60 Series - Stontronics C60-2000, The Stontronics CRT60 Series 2000VA UPS CRT60-2000 utilises digital Line Interactive (VI) technology with a pseudo sine wave output. This makes it perfect for smaller backup needs such as CCTV, EPOS, small office hardware, security or a simple PC workstation. Stontronics C60 Series 2000VA UPS C60-2000 

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